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Privacy Policy

By using this website you agree to the following privacy and policy

The privacy policy of our website page is very simple and general. The information from the end user may use by using Facebook social media via messenger. The other details are described in the following points.

Server Access Logs

Our website server uses some logs from the entire request. The information from the end user for skyfm website are not share to the third party. The data recorded in that log is date may uses for detecting the general info of the browser. There are no extra uses for log file in the radio station.

Personal Information

We respect your privacy! We will not misuse, sell, or exploit any information provided to us. All of your information provided to us is for the express purpose of keeping your record. By supplying such information, we will be connected with our reader for sharing comment and replay. Any information provided to us will not be shared with any other company or 3rd Party.

Service Logs

All the public service provided on this website allows access to external and third-party websites. We may record your IP address and the websites you visit. The service log is used for your private personal uses. The more service logs is used to share the information towards other services.

If you have allowed using cookies in the system browser then our website uses cookies for the better performances. We may also use third-party advertising partners on our website such as Google AdSense and other advertising partners. Our website system cannot control over cookies or the information collected by our advertisers.

If the information have uses more than we expected then you can consult the third-party advertiser's privacy policy for more information on their website practices. The information containing the website is collected from different source of the system. There is more than current system to track the information. All the information should leaks for the other.

The pictures used in this website is collected from the third party by searching in the google. We have used the public picture for our website. The main official picture is taken from the staff of the skyfm Biratnagar.

Content Removal

If you think skyfm 106.6 violates your privacy and you want your content to be removed from our website page then you can contact any time in the our contact address and mobile number +9779842278940 as well as the official email address [email protected] . You can also gossip with our staff working in the office.