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Legal Use:
This website may use for the entertainment purpose. This is a radio station which is situated at the biratnagar morang Nepal. The website content is free to use. There are many services that produce the good impression over it. This website allows the user to access the any available material over the internet. Internet material is used for personal uses. But if anybody wants to modify our website then he most not allowed copying the content for their project. This is very sticks copyright rules according to IT policy of Nepal and IT policy of the digital world.

Abuse of the service:
Our official website is the radio station website. You are agreed to follow the rules and regulation of the website rule. You are not welcome if you are found to be visit website again and again by repeating same resources from the same IP address. You can visit our website from the several computers containing unique IP address. You can click on the banner advertise for your information. There is no any rule. But we request you to not close the advertise banner from the browser setting. Our website can receive the messages from the listener of the skyfm biratnagar.

The privacy is very important thing for our point of view. We respect your privacy! We will not misuse, sell, or exploit any information provided to us. All of your information provided to us is for the express purpose of keeping your record. By supplying such information, we will be connected with our reader for sharing comment and replay. Any information provided to us will not be shared with any other company or 3rd Party.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time as determined necessary by the service's administrators. The website is static so the changes may be applied according to the administrator of this website. We are not accepting the changes from the client site. But visitor can make a call to change the some contains if there is anything need.